The Duel of Champions: ArmyBuckHunters 2023 Season Finale is One for the History Books

An Unprecedented Showdown

The rumble in the outdoor world is getting louder as the season finale of the much-acclaimed ArmyBuckHunters 2023 draws closer. Buckle up, hunting enthusiasts, veterans, and outdoorsmen – the Sportsman Channel brings you a showstopping spectacle that will have you on the edge of your seat this Tuesday, August 8th at 12:00 pm Eastern.

The Stakes

For the first time in ArmyBuckHunters history, we will crown a two-time champion. The stakes have never been higher. The battlefield? A simulated shooting range challenging even the most skilled hunters with both flat and 3D targets. The grand prize? A once-in-a-lifetime trophy buck hunt and the much-coveted champion belt buckle.

Meet the Contenders

  • Cody Roberson: The Rifle Marksman, previous champion, returning victor against Tim Green.

  • Randy Gardener: Champion Bowman, previous champion, victorious against long-time friend and teammate, Patrick Appling.

The Epic Duel

Cody returns with his trusty AR-15, similar to what our veterans wielded during their service. His rifle precision is expected to dazzle once more. On the other hand, Randy with his compound bow in hand and numerous archery titles under his belt, is all set to put on an archery masterclass.

Who will emerge victorious in this epic duel of champions? Will it be Cody with his unerring rifle aim, or Randy with his unparalleled bow skills? This clash of titans will echo throughout the wilderness long after the last shot is fired.

Be a Part of the Action

And remember, the tension isn’t just for our buck-hunting warriors. We invite you to feel the rush, experience the thrill, and witness the action unfold live on The Sportsman Channel. This is a spectacle you don’t want to miss!

For a glimpse into what lies ahead, visit our website, Here you can relive some of the finest moments from the season, meet the ArmyBuckHunters, and prepare for the ultimate hunting showdown.

Set your alarms, ready your cheers, and prepare for the season finale of ArmyBuckHunters 2023! We’re hunting history, one buck at a time.

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